Shoe Repair Services Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions

Terms specific to the Shoe Service

These Terms explain the rights, obligations and responsibilities of both PingLocker and you, the customer, in relation to the Shoe Services to be provided by PingLocker and its associated partners, undertakes to exercise the utmost care in processing articles entrusted to us and use such processes which, in our opinion, are best suited to the nature and condition of each individual article. However, PingLocker cannot assume responsibility for inherent weakness of, or defects or stains that are not readily apparent prior to processing. This applies particularly, but not exclusively, to suede, nubuck and leather.


PingLocker reserves the right to refuse services to any customer or reject any item.

Cleaning & Repairs

We use a highly specialist cleaning system, however this does not guarantee to remove all stains, defects and faults which were previously camouflaged in manufacture and may become more apparent after the cleaning process, and although every care is taken, we cannot always disguise natural flaws or totally remove adhesives, or other techniques employed by the manufacturer.

All items are therefore only accepted by us for work at your own risk.

With age, leather and suede shoes and handbags can become worn and discoloured. Dirt on the item can sometimes hide this wear & tear which can be exposed during the cleaning process. It is not our cleaning process that has caused this damage and so we will not be liable for it.

Dirt can also be mistaken for shine, which in the cleaning process will be removed. PingLocker are not responsible for loss of shine during the cleaning process. The basic price of cleaning does not include the removal of heavy or ingrained stains.


We cannot guarantee the removal of all stains. Linings that are heavily soiled may be particularly difficult to clean satisfactorily. The basic price of cleaning does not include the removal of heavy or ingrained stains. If a stain cannot be removed on a leather item we will endeavour to cover the stain with the appropriate colour. This process cannot be done on suede, nubuck, canvas or fabric. This service is not included within the price of cleaning.


Our estimated service turnaround time is 1 – 3 weeks depending on what services have been requested. PingLocker, however, cannot be held responsible for delays to the service caused by unforeseen circumstances or additional requirements.


All payments are handled by PingLocker. Once received by PingLocker your shoes or bag will be assessed and the work required confirmed. If you have already had an estimate for the work, we reserve the right to suggest other services if the wrong treatments have been requested.

All work will be agreed with the customer prior to any work taking place. You will be contacted for payment for the work prior to treatments being carried out. All items must be fully paid before the item is dispatched back. Our system notes a record of emails sent and/or telephone messages left and this will be deemed evidence of contact with you. Where an item has not been paid for within 30 days we reserve the right to charge additional fees for storage of your item.

4.       LIABILITY

We will cover the cost your Item(s) in the event that they are lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair in circumstances beyond our control. You are insured up to the full item value or depreciated value minus the cost of any services provided. Items in our care are: – Any item currently having our services carried out, or waiting for our services to be carried out. – Any item in transit with our Courier. – Any item waiting for payment. – Any item dispatched by us to you.


Our Shoe Service includes a cleaning, repair & restoration service and any Items that are sent to us are in a damaged and/or devalued state. We cannot be held liable for: – Any damage to, or defect in, an item which we have not been contracted to work on (this includes hardware). – Delays or failures which are due to any cause beyond our reasonable control. – Failed repairs due to inherent problems within the material or structure of the item – please note that charges may still apply for any work already completed. – ‘Loss of value’ against manufacturer original models after the service has been carried-out. – Any damage which is not related to or caused by our services. – Shoe Spa use the most advanced industry standard techniques and professional materials, we do not warrant use of, or employment of, manufacturer original materials or processes. Where original materials are not available, parts and colours will be matched as closely as possible to the original – or to the agreed specification (such as colour matched to a particular part of the Item).

PingLocker cannot be held liable for the loss or damage of any accessories, such as dust bags, locks, credit cards etc. that are not noted on our system during the booking in procedure. If an item is repaired to a reasonably satisfactory standard no liability will be accepted for depreciation in value.

If any service recommended to you by PingLocker is rejected, PingLocker cannot be held responsible for the outcome of any work carried out that does not meet the customer’s expectations PingLocker will not pay compensation for anything that falls outside the work we provide.


You must notify us of any problem or complaint you have with the workmanship on the Item(s) within 24 hours of receiving or collecting the Item (as above). Where there is a dispute over any work carried-out, the record on our Management System is taken as the final order for the work. We cannot accept returns or requests for refunds on the basis of the customer’s change of heart. We cannot accept returns or requests for refunds where a change to an order had been requested and that change could not be fulfilled.

We will not be liable for any damage to – or deterioration of/in – the item resulting from use or application of inappropriate products or inappropriate use/misuse of the Item following delivery of the order. If we are found to be at fault we will endeavour to repair and/or alter the Item to your satisfaction at our cost. In all circumstances this will be the first course of action. Where the item has to be returned to us for this purpose, we will reimburse your costs of dispatch with evidence of a valid receipt/invoice.

If the fault is through misuse or customer liability any work to rectify the fault will be at your own cost. Any claim settled will be on the condition that it is accepted by the customer as full and final settlement.