Guest bed rental services Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions

Terms specific to Guest bed rental

These Terms explain the rights, obligations and responsibilities of both PingLocker and you, the customer, in relation to the Guest bed rental Services to be provided by PingLocker and its associated partners. 


Our Guest Bed rental service allows you, the customer, to order a Guest bed through the platform and collect the bed from our concierge lockers in the building, or where agreed, from another designated area in the building. Our Guest bed rentals comprise of an inflatable single airbed with a built in electric pump, and is supplied with a duvet, pillow and sheets. PingLocker reserves the right to refuse services to any customer.


1.1   Guest bed rentals are available for 1-7 nights. There may be a minimum 2 nights rental at selected locations.
1.2   Our estimated service turnaround time is 48 hours depending on when the services have been requested and the building they are requested in. Your delivery date will be advised upon confirmation of your order.

1.3   PingLocker, however, cannot be held responsible for delays to the service caused by unforeseen circumstances or additional requirements.

2.                  PRICING & PAYMENT

All payments are handled by PingLocker and rental of beds will be agreed with the customer prior to any rentals taking place.


3.1  Once the Services have been paid for by you in full, PingLocker will notify you that your Guest Bed is ready for collection (“Delivery Alert”). The Delivery Alert will contain the location of your Items and will provide you with a 4-digit code that will be needed to collect the Items, where they are placed in lockers. Please not, you may request a different location for delivery and/or collection and this may incur a further charge which will be notified to you. Items will not be dispatched until the Services have been paid for in full. PingLocker also reserves the right to charge a missed collection or delivery charge.

3.2   Once you receive the Delivery Alert all Items must be collected within 48 hours. If not collected within this period the Items will be recollected and returned to our storage facility.

3.3   PingLocker will not be liable for any loss or damage arising due to delay in the Services. 

4.                  RETURN OF GUEST BED

4.1   Once the Services have been used, the Guest bed must be returned in to one of the lockers in your building by 16:00 on the rental end date. PingLocker, will need to be informed the locker number and 4-digit code where you have dropped the bed via the App. 4.2  Should the Guest bed not be returned at the agreed time, PingLocker reserves the right to charge an additional rental fee, and a missed collection charge if applicable.

                  LIABILITY & COMPLAINTS

5.1  You must notify us of any problem or complaint you have with the Guest bed within 24 hours of receiving or collecting the Item. We cannot accept returns or requests for refunds on the basis of the customer’s change of heart. We cannot accept returns or requests for refunds where a change to an order had been requested and that change could not be fulfilled.

5.2  If the fault is through misuse or customer liability any work to rectify the fault will be at your own cost. Any claim settled will be on the condition that it is accepted by the customer as full and final settlement.
5.3  We will not be liable for any consequential loss.