Parcel Delivery services Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions

Terms specific to Parcel Delivery

1.       Parcel Delivery 

1.1.     In this section ‘parcel’ shall mean any container, packet, carton, bag, box, envelope or any form of package containing goods or merchandise that is accepted by us for delivery or temporary storage. A parcel may be tendered to us on your behalf or any third party including a courier, carrier or postal operator. 

1.2.     The Parcel Delivery service is only available for Locations with digital Lockers or parcel room. Once you are registered to use the Parcel Delivery Service, you may order parcels to be delivered to the locker location or parcel room location for which you have registered (your “Location”) by third parties that are not owned or operated by PingLocker and its associated partners. In such instances, PingLocker acts only as the link between you and such businesses. 

1.3.     PingLocker is not responsible for, nor does PingLocker retain any ownership in, any parcels ordered by you to be delivered to your Location. The purchase, payment, warranty, guarantee, delivery, maintenance, and all other matters concerning the merchandise, services, or information ordered or received from such businesses are covered by their customer agreement and policies and solely between you and such businesses. PingLocker makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, regarding the merchandise, services, or information received from such third parties and the fact that PingLocker makes such products, information, and services available should not be construed as an endorsement of the businesses or the products, services, and information they provide. 

1.4.     You will always use a digital locker or parcel room strictly in compliance with these Terms of Use. Additionally, when using the locker or parcel room you must always comply with and respect the rules imposed by the Owner for their use.

2.       Furthermore, you must always respect the conditions set out elsewhere in these Terms of Use (including, without limitation, those set forth in Article 2.3) and the following conditions, which prevail over the conditions as imposed by the Owner:

                    i.           You can only use the Digital Lockers through PingLocker

                  ii.           You will only use the Digital Lockers to exchange Parcels (send, receive, have collected), not as storage space.

                iii.           It is prohibited to use the Digital Lockers for Parcels with content that is contrary to the law, that is potentially dangerous and/or that may damage the Box, including, but not limited to:

a)      hazardous substances, chemicals, explosives, flammable or radioactive materials;

b)      perishable goods;

c)       drugs, narcotics and psychotropic substances;

d)      weapons;

e)      livestock;

f)       objects, documents or substances in general of which the importation, exportation, distribution, circulation, use or possession is prohibited by law;

g)       objects that can be (by their form, nature or packaging) dangerous and can endanger, pollute or damage the Box, third party property or third parties;

h)      goods that fall under criminal law;

i)       all substances, including liquids, that present a leakage risk or risk to create odour nuisance.

                iv.           Notwithstanding the above you can use the Box for perishable and chemical goods insofar as these:

- fit into normal household use;

- are resistant to the conditions in which they are kept in the digital lockers, taking into account the transport to and/or from the lockers;

- are properly packaged to avoid the risk of leakage, odour nuisance and any form of pollution.

The use of the digital lockers for Parcels containing perishable goods is at your sole risk and without any liability on our part or on the part of the Owner. You are solely responsible for all damage to or caused by such Parcels.

3.      You warrant that articles contained in any parcel tendered to us by you or on your behalf by any third party are acceptable for transport, delivery, temporary storage and receipt by is and that the parcel is properly marked and addressed. You warrant that any parcel tendered to us is adequately packed to ensure safe delivery and transportation with ordinary care and handling. 

4.      Parcels must be packed properly and safely, in a manner preventing their opening with interference in the packaging, as well as preventing the loss of their content, or destruction of other deliveries during transport. Parcels must fit in a Locker in order to be delivered to your Locker, otherwise they will be available for collection at the PingLocker warehouse. 

5.      We accept no responsibility for departure or arrival dates or times of any parcel and the goods contained therein. PingLocker will not be responsible for any lost or stolen parcels unless directly only to the extent materially due to a locker malfunction. If a lock or code is not working properly, please inform your building in the first instance, or by e-mailing We will use our best efforts to maintain working order of Lockers and to fix any malfunctions within twenty-four (24) business hours after learning of such malfunction.

6.      Parcels must be collected within 72 hours after being delivered to the Locker. If you are unable to collect within this time period, then please contact our support team.  If your parcel is not picked up in the time allotted, PingLocker reserves the right to return such parcel to the sender. You may be responsible for paying return shipping and handling costs. In no event will PingLocker be responsible for shipping and handling charges associated with returning a parcel to the sender in accordance with this policy.

7.      Your parcels may at our option or at the request of a third party by opened and contents inspected by us or by such authorities at any time. We are under no obligation to make good or compensate you in respect of any damage or delay thereby caused to a parcel or its contents. 

8.      You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless PingLocker, the Landlord and each of their respective affiliates, and their officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against any claims, actions or demands, including without limitation reasonable legal and accounting fees, alleging or resulting from your breach of these Terms. 

9.      From time to time Pinglocker may work in partnership with providers to deliver a parcel room or concierge room, these may be applicable to our partners terms and conditions in the property they are installed.